Mepielan Ebulletin


  by Professor Evangelos Raftopoulos,
  Editor and Director of MEPIELAN Centre,
  Panteion University of Athens, Greece

Welcome to MEPIELAN E-Bulletin.

It gives me immense pleasure in putting before you the latest edition of MEPIELAN E-Bulletin. We are gratified by the response the Bulletin is being received. Nearly three months after the MEPIELAN E-Bulletin’s launch, there have been over 2.000 visits to the Bulletin’s website from 93 countries worldwide. In this context, I would especially like to thank all those who provide us with continuous and valuable feedback and comments, an aspect that may emerge as a promising component of this Bulletin.

This latest edition manifests the momentum that the Bulletin is starting to create. The continuous flow of thematic news is associated with a steady stream of scholarly articles, specially selected documents and book reviews, a process by which the stated objectives of this Bulletin are well-fleshed out and its vision is adequately served. And I am deeply encouraged to see this steadily built momentum.

MEPIELAN E-Bulletin is a dynamic electronic newsletter of MEPIELAN Centre, Panteion University of Athens, Greece.  It features guest articles, insights articles, critical forum textual contributions and reflections, specially selected documents and cases as well as news on thematic topics of direct interest of MEPIELAN Centre, presented in a clear, insightful and attractive way whilst shedding light on topical issues of environmental law, governance and policy significance. Content bridges theory and practice perspectives of international law, international environmental law, sustainable development, and international negotiating process, and includes notifications of MEPIELAN cooperation updates and news. The Bulletin is an addition to our communication instruments which include an edited Series, the MEPIELAN Studies in International Environmental Law and Negotiation.

It is hoped that its content will contribute to a scholarly debate on important issues of current interest, providing an independent, open access forum for the promotion of innovative ideas and enlightened critical views of distinguished authors. The Bulletin further aims at offering a knowledge - and information-sharing platform for MEPIELAN audience, striving to serve a modern thinking and questing community, in the hope that it will stimulate constructive discussions on the issues presented.  The audience includes academics, researchers, university students, officials and personnel of International Organizations, heads and personnel of national authorities and administration at all levels (national, regional and local), members of Non-Governmental Organizations, as well as the relevant private sector.

I wish to express my deepest appreciation and sincere thanks to the authors of the articles and other contributions to this edition, as well as to the members of the editorial team, for keeping up the momentum of this Bulletin. I also wish to acknowledge and thank the Panteion University of Athens for its consistent and unfailing support.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a Pleasant and Joyous Holiday Season and a Happy, Fruitful and Peaceful New Year 2011.


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