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The Handbook of Global Climate and Environment Policy

Monday, 14 October 2013
Edited by Robert Faulkner
The Handbook of Global Climate and Environment Policy
Robert Faulkner

Publication Year

546 pages

The Handbook of Global Climate and Environment Policy presents an authoritative and comprehensive overview of global policy on climate and the environment. It combines the strengths of an interdisciplinary team of experts from around the world to explore current debates and the latest thinking in the search for global environmental solutions.
  • Explores the environmental challenges we currently face, and the concepts and approaches to solving these
  • Questions the role of global actors, institutions and processes, and considers the links between global climate and environment policy, and that of the global economy
  • Highlights the connections between social science research and global policy
  • Brings together authoritative coverage of recent research by internationally-renowned experts from around the world, including from North America, Europe, and Asia
The book provides an essential resource guide for students and researchers from across a wide range of related disciplines – from politics and international relations, to environmental sciences and sociology – and for global policy practitioners.


Part I Global Policy Challenges 1

1. Global Climate Change 3
 Matthew J. Hoffmann
2. Global Water Governance 19
 Joyeeta Gupta
3. Biodiversity and Conservation 37 
Stuart Harrop
4. Marine Environment Protection 53 
Markus Salomon
5. Deforestation 72
 David Humphreys
6. Biotechnology and Biosafety 89
 Aarti Gupta
7. Global Chemicals Politics and Policy 107 
Henrik Selin

Part II Concepts and Approaches 125

8. Global Environmental Norms 127
 Steven Bernstein
9. Global Governance 146
 Johannes Stripple and Hannes Stephan
10. Global Environmental Security 163 
Simon Dalby
11. International Environmental Law 179 
Daniel Bodansky
12. Green Growth 197
 Michael Jacobs
13. Sustainable Consumption 215 
Doris Fuchs
14. Climate Change Justice 231
 Edward Page

Part III Global Actors, Institutions, and Processes 249

15. The Nation-State, International Society, and the Global Environment 251
 Robert Falkner
16. Transnational Environmental Activism 268
 Susan Park
17. Business as a Global Actor 286
 Jennifer Clapp and Jonas Meckling
18. International Regime Effectiveness 304 
Steinar Andresen
19. Strengthening the United Nations 320
 Steffen Bauer
20. International Negotiations 339
 Radoslav S. Dimitrov
21. Regionalism and Environmental Governance 358 
Miranda Schreurs

Part IV Global Economy and Policy 375

22. Globalization 377
 Peter Newell
23. Private Regulation in Global Environmental Governance 394 
Graeme Auld and Lars H. Gulbrandsen
24. International Trade, the Environment, and Climate Change 412
 Nico Jaspers and Robert Falkner
25. Global Finance and the Environment 428
 Christopher Wright
26. Energy Policy and Climate Change 446
 Benjamin K. Sovacool
27. Economic Instruments for Climate Change 468
 Jonas Meckling and Cameron Hepburn
28. International Aid and Adaptation to Climate Change 486
 Jessica M. Ayers and Achala Chandani Abeysinghe

Index 507

Robert Falkner is Reader in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He holds degrees in politics and economics from Munich University and a doctorate in international relations from Oxford University. He taught at Oxford, Kent and Essex universities before joining LSE and was a visiting scholar at Harvard University. He is an associate of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at LSE and of the Energy, Environment and Development Programme at Chatham House. Falkner has published widely on global environmental politics, including Business Power and Conflict in International Environmental Politics (2008).

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