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EU Ratifies the ICZM Protocol

Friday, 17 September 2010
On 13 September 2010, the Council of the EU adopted the decision to ratify the ICZM Protocol, 2008, to the Barcelona Convention, bringing the total number of ratifications to five. Since the Protocol enters into force after the deposit of six ratifications, according to Article 39 of the Protocol, and a number of ratifications processes are already on-going by other Contracting Parties, it is expected that this important and unique Protocol will be brought into force within this or next year.

The EU conclusion decision follows its signature of the Protocol, adopted by the Council on 4 December 2008 (2009/89/EC), OJ L34 4.2.2009.

The ratification of the Protocol by the EU, means that the Protocol becomes part of the EU law and will have binding effects, once the Protocol has entered into force.

The European Environment Commissioner, Janez Potočnik, welcomed the conclusion, stating: “Today we have taken a small but significant step in a longer process to reverse coastal degradation and significantly reduce the loss of coastal ecosystems. This sends a strong signal of commitment from the EU to the protection and sustainable management of the Mediterranean coast”.

This important political development has been made a few days before Coast Day 2010 in the Mediterranean Region, on 25 September in Slovenia. This is a unique event organized since 2007, with the goal to raise awareness of policy makers and the public of the value of the coast, as well as of applying an integrated approach to planning and management of the coastal zone and to further promote the ICZM Protocol.

Note: Another effort of the EU to support the ICZM Protocol and its implementation, is the co-funding of the research project PEGASO. The project runs from 2/2010 to 1/2014 by 23 partners from the EU and non-EU countries around the Mediterranean, as well as the Black Sea, and has a total budget of 8,9 million €. The EU's contribution is 6.9 million €.

Source: European Commission & UNEP/MAP for the Barcelona Convention
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