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CAMP Morocco Officially Closed

Thursday, 15 July 2010

 On the 10th of the June 2010 the official closing of the Coastal Area Management Programme (CAMP) for the Central Rif in Morocco took place. The last workshop was held in Chefchaouen and gathered about fifty representatives of local and regional authorities, organisations and institutions, as well as the representatives of the two Regional Activity Centres which are integral components of the MAP Programme, namely PAP/RAC and SPA/RAC.

CAMP Morocco entered into force in 2007, following preliminary activities that had already been launched in 2003, and aimed at the socio-economic development of the local population through the protection and sustainable use of the coastal zone's natural resources. The main results of the CAMP Morocco are the ICZM and Sustainable Development Strategy, including bankable project sheets, two pilot actions (Jebha in the province of Chefchaouen and Souani in the province of Al Hoceïma), an MSPA file (for the Jebha circle and the National Park of Al Hoceïma), a model of a participatory approach and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and sustainability indicators to be used by all those who intend to work in the zone of the Central Rif.

In the 1990-98 period, two cycles of the Programme were carried out. They consisted of individual projects implemented in Albania (The Albanian Coast), Croatia (The Kastela Bay), Greece (The Island of Rhodes), Syria (The Syrian Coast), Tunisia (The City of Sfax) and Turkey (The Izmir Bay). The project in Fuka, Egypt, has been completed in 1999, and the project in Israel in June 2000. The third cycle of the Programme started in 1997 with the preparation of projects in Algeria, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco and Slovenia. CAMP Malta was completed in November 2002, CAMP Lebanon in December 2004, CAMP Algeria in January 2005, CAMP Slovenia in 2007 and CAMP Cyprus in 2008. As referred above, CAMP Morocco is officially closed, whereas CAMP Spain has been launched officially on the 15th July, 2010. Two new CAMPs are in a preparation phase, namely CAMP Montenegro and CAMP Italy. Preliminary discussions are under way for CAMP France. 

Note: CAMP is oriented towards the implementation of practical coastal management projects in selected Mediterranean coastal areas, applying Integrated Coastal Areas Management (ICAM) as a major tool. The objectives of CAMP are to develop strategies and procedures for a sustainable development in project areas, identify and apply the relevant methodologies and tools, contribute to the capacity building at local, national and regional levels, and secure a wider use in the region of the results achieved.

Source: The Coastal Management Centre
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